Noise Impact Assessment

Obtaining planning permission for a noise-generating development may require a noise assessment, or noise impact assessment, to be submitted with the application. With extensive experience in the industry, we work with you throughout all stages of the process to ensure that you meet the requirements of the relevant Planning Authority.

Noise Impact Assessment

What is a noise impact assessment?

A noise impact assessment means evaluating the effect of noise, or noise change, which will arise as a result of the proposed development. It may form part of a wider Environmental Impact Assessment or Environmental Statement but can also be a stand-alone report supplied with, or subsequent to, the planning application.

What does a noise impact assessment include?

This could include a baseline or background noise survey, derivation of applicable noise limits, noise predictions, an assessment of likely impact and proposals for mitigation where necessary.

Noise Assessment Standards & Guidance

Guidance on noise, relevant to the UK is provided in Government documents such as the National Planning Policy Framework and the Noise Policy Statement for England. The detailed assessment that we complete is likely to vary, depending on the nature of the development and in compliance with various documents including:

BS8233 (sound insulation and noise reduction) is used where mitigation is required. As well as ongoing noise from a completed development, it may be necessary to carry out an assessment of noise during the construction process, which normally follows BS5228 (noise from construction and open sites). For both planning and non-planning requirements, our noise impact assessments provide effective noise solutions and expert mitigation advice.

We assist, as required, with all elements of the noise assessment process, including measurements demonstrating the impact which occurs in practice once the development is complete. For more information or to get a quote, please contact us.

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