Acoustic Publications

Noise Guidance

Calculation of Railway Noise (Appendices)

UK Department of Transport

The appendices to the 1995 Calculation of Railway Noise, included with the original document, are downloadable here.

Posted 1995 Download

Mineral Planning Guidance 11: The Control of Noise at Surface Mineral Workings

The Welsh Assembly Government (Wales)

Posted 1993 Link to Document(s)

Environmental Protection Act 1990: Part III Statutory Nuisances in Clean Air

HM Government (UK)

Posted 1990 Link to Document(s)

Calculation of Road Traffic Noise

UK Department of Transport, Welsh Office

Despite its age, this document is still used for prediction of road traffic noise for new and altered highways design and comprises the methodology specified in the UK Noise Insulation Regulations for the 'ascertainment of level of noise' from road networks.

Posted 1988 Download