Architectural Acoustics

Architectural acoustics encompasses the design of spaces, such as meeting rooms or concert venues, to optimise the internal acoustics for the required usage, and the design of buildings, to minimise noise breakout into other areas or into the environment.

Architectural Acoustics

We provide acoustic consultancy services on all aspects of architectural acoustics for new buildings or acoustic treatments to existing buildings.

Often it is necessary to isolate rooms from external noise sources. A sound insulation partition is only as strong as its weakest element, and so it is important that any partition is designed correctly. We can provide advice on the most effective solutions for improving sound insulation, including new build designs and additional treatments for renovations as required. We can also offer detailed advice on acoustic design of larger spaces that require a combination of treatments to create localised sound environments.

Sound generated at entertainment venues, generally in the form of live or amplified music, can easily become noise at the nearest noise sensitive receptors. Noise assessments are, therefore, often required as part of a licensing application for a venue or an event.Noise generated from events, such as music festivals, can be mitigated through design in terms of the layout of the event site - but often, noise from such events is simply managed through limits that are imposed on the license.For larger events it may be necessary to have an environmental management plan (similar to that required for larger construction projects) and, if there are nearby noise sensitive receptors, noise is likely to be a significant part of the plan.We offer acoustic consultancy services for licensing specific events or venues.

Acoustic design of public spaces, such as museums, is of paramount importance, especially as they often incorporate some form of audio playback, be it a public address system or exhibitions involving audio. In such areas, speech intelligibility will often take precedence, which is strongly affected by ambient noise level and reverberation times.

Our team of Acoustic Consultants will advise you on appropriate levels for the audio you are putting into the space as well as any required acoustic treatment to control reverberation time. Psychoacoustic effects, such as speech intelligibility and possible masking, will also be assessed, along with appropriate placement of loudspeakers.

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