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What Might an Alternative to ETSU-R-97 Look Like?

McKenzie A and Bullmore A

IoA Wind Turbine Noise 2016
Posted 2016 Download

Application of the UK IOA AM Rating Method

Coles D, Cand M and Levet T

Wind Europe - Wind Turbine Sound 2016 (Gdansk)
Posted 2016 Download

The Acoustics of Unconventional Oil & Gas. The Lancashire Appeals 2016 - Lancashire County Council’s Position

McKenzie A

IoA Scottish Branch 1 Day Conference
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What Could an Alternative to ETSU-R-97 look like?

McKenzie A and Bullmore B

Acoustics 2015

ETSU-R-97 is a document that has remained unchanged since it was first published nearly two decades ago, despite suffering from heavy critisism over those years. McKenzie and Bullmore propose what an alternative procudure to the assessment and rating of wind farm noise in the UK might be, if ETSU-R-97 were to be superceded.

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