Acoustic Publications

Noise Guidance

UK Government Wind Turbine AM Review

Parsons Brinkerhof

Review of the evidence on the response to amplitude modulation (AM) from wind turbines, with recommendations on control through the use of a planning condition. This follows on from the work of the UK Institute of Acoustics AM Working Group but unfortunately it is not the end of the story. The industry is still waiting for clarifications on the outcome of this latter piece of work and robust guidance as to how it should be implemented. The IoA Wind Turbine Noise Working Group, chaired by our very own Malcolm Hayes, is looking into this.....

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Planning Policy Wales (Edition 8)

The Welsh Assembly Government (Wales)

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Acoustics of Schools: a design guide

The Institute of Acoustics (UK)

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Planning Practice Guidance on Minerals Extraction

UK Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

This document presents the UK Government's current guidance on planning for minerals extraction including that relating to noise, which are included under the section 'Assessing environmental impacts from minerals extraction'.

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