WindEnergy 2016

As part of his newly acquired role of Head of Turbine Testing (following the sad departure of Sylvia Broneske after 9 years of service) Robin Woodward was sent to WindEnergy 2016 in Hamburg to network with current and prospective clients and promote our recent accreditation for acoustic emission testing of wind turbines (for more information on our accreditation process see our July blog post here).

Robin spent the day visiting many turbine manufacturers, both seasoned veterans in the industry and emerging technologies, as well as some developers both local to the UK and with operations worldwide.

We are always keen to work with start-ups and emerging technologies to try and assist their smooth transition into the mainstream market. Notable highlights in this area included long discussions with BE-Wind (an American company from Bernard-Tech LLC) and their sub 10 kW twin vertical axis turbines which have a reported 18 dB sound emission at 10 m/s wind speeds; the similar offshore offering from owlwind, with the vision to scale up to multi-megawatt floating platforms, and a revisit to the HWN 500 stand where a cooperative of several glider and kits based start-ups seems to be making some progress towards the mainstream market (although not quite there yet!).

Interesting discussions were also had with AMC Mecanocaucho and looking at their aftermarket mass-spring-damper offerings to reduce vibration and consequential noise issues from gearbox resonances and similar nacelle-bound issues.

Of the more established large-scale wind offerings there were the usual suspects present, although Robin wondered whether Nordex turbines now came with Bambie? Interested in seeing if these new ‘quiet’ turbines live up to their marketing under test conditions.

There was just enough time to visit some long-term clients, including BayWa, who provided some helpful navigation advice - and we didn’t see the blimps crash or burst into flames at any point, which is always a bonus. The visit was finished by joining in with a quick beer from the Dutch pavilion, of which there were a vast amount being handed around in true Dutch hospitality style.

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05 Oct 2016

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