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18 Aug 2017

A Bit of Hayes McKenzie Staff History

Here at Hayes McKenzie, we strongly believe that it is the staff that work here who make, and have made, the company…

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17 Jul 2017

First Aid Training in the Salisbury Office

Back in April all staff at the Salisbury Office participated in a first aid training day, culminating in the awarding…

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22 May 2017

WTN 2017 - Full Conference Review with Dr Andy McKenzie

Every two years some of the Hayes McKenzie personnel find themselves at the INCE-Europe

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15 May 2017

WTN 2017 - Conference Highlights with Malcolm Hayes

The First Wind Turbine Noise Conference was held in Berlin in 2005 and much to one’s surprise the 7

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18 Apr 2017

Amplitude Modulation In Wind Farm Noise

Acoustic ‘character’, such as tonal or impulsive content, is anything that makes noise more noticeable than if it…

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28 Feb 2017

Taking the (Frozen) Biscuit

We’re big fans of a mid-afternoon frozen biscuit in the Salisbury office, and our usual is the frozen chocolate digestive.…

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30 Nov 2016

The ‘N’ Factor: What Makes Sound Become Noise

A commonly quoted definition of noise is that it is simply unwanted sound. This seems to fit quite well since it is a…

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29 Nov 2016

Achilles Registered Supplier

We are now a fully registered supplier on the Achilles Utility Vendor Database.…

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