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01 Nov 2016

FGW Turbine Acoustic Emission Testing Round Robin

We are proud to have been asked to be part of a German based Round Robin peer reviewed assessment on carrying out data…

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21 Oct 2016

Acoustic Wind Turbine Emission Testing Methodology Summary - IEC/BS EN 61400-11:2012/2013

This is a short(ish) summary of what the acoustic wind turbine testing IEC/BS EN 61400-11:2012/2013 standard covers and…

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05 Oct 2016

WindEnergy 2016

As part of his newly acquired role of Head of Turbine Testing (following the sad departure of Sylvia Broneske after 9…

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31 Jul 2016

UKAS Accreditation: From Status Quo to Status Quality

In July 2016, after a process spanning over 2 years, we gained our first UKAS accreditation and became the first UK consultancy…

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01 Jun 2016

Noisy by Design

There is a bustling crowd funnelling into a busy entrance, a man gets stuck at the barrier where his ticket won’t let…

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01 Apr 2016

Noise from Shale Gas Exploration

You can read the full case study of this project here.Very…

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01 Mar 2016

Evolution of the Sound of Formula 1

As the Formula One pre-season tests get underway in Barcelona at the Circuit de Catalunya the debate appears to burble…

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05 Jan 2016

SoDAR Cost Reduction

We have been offering SoDAR remote-sensing wind speed measurements to accompany wind turbine and baseline noise measurements…

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