Celebrating Hayes McKenzie Staff

In the last few months several of our consultants have received promotions given their time working at Hayes McKenzie and their experience in the field of Acoustic Consultancy.

Seth Roberts has been promoted to Principal Acoustic Consultant acknowledging his 10 years continuous service at Hayes McKenzie, including his work as an ANC approved sound insulation tester to ISO 140-4 and ISO 140-7, his leadership on research into aircraft noise in conjunction with the University of Southampton ISVR and Airbus, his continuing consulting advice to Gatwick Airport and his breadth of knowledge of all things relating to noise consultancy.

Mike Craven has also been promoted to Principal Acoustic Consultant following his (non-continuous) 10 years of service at Hayes McKenzie, including his initial 2 year stint in the Machynlleth office, followed (after a brief lapse in judgement where he worked for a London consultancy and then found himself again) by his 8 years in the Salisbury office.

Charlie Everett has been promoted to full Acoustic Consultant grade, and has recently joined Seth in being signed-off to carry out ANC approved sound insulation testing to compliment his consultancy work relating to wind farms, conventional generation plant and all aspects of environmental noise impact assessment.

Aedan Mansfield has been promoted to the grade of Assistant Consultant, following his continually widening knowledge base in acoustic consultancy, with particular expertise in the implementation of complex signal processing methods, such as ISO PAS 20065:2016 and IEC 61400-11:2012+A1:2018 tonality methods and IOA and PT11-2 Amplitude Modulation analysis in coding languages including Python and MATLAB.

If you want to find out more about our staff, you can find more information in the 'About' section of our website.

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Date Posted

25 Oct 2019

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