ANC Award Winning Sustainable Acoustic Design

Hayes McKenzie have won an Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) award in the Smaller Consultancies category and we are very proud of this because the project that was nominated for the award is all about affordable, achievable improvements, to enhance the quality of any residential building project.

The story behind the project that won the award is that of an historic 19th century town house, originally commissioned by the Bishop of Salisbury Cathedral, which has undergone a basement conversion into a separate apartment, and a loft conversion to expand the existing residence, increasing the overall occupancy. To ensure that the new basement flat that has been created is a comfortable and sustainable new home, the acoustics of the building as a whole, and the isolation between the existing and new residences are of high importance.

Watch the below video for a summary of the project from our principal consultant, and the project lead, Seth Roberts.

The key to successful acoustic input to the design process was based around efficient and effective communication between all members of the design team culminating in an acoustic design that achieved superb levels of sound insulation. What makes the results particularly impressive is the implementation of numerous mitigation measures to resolve a very unusual problem that would otherwise have been likely to result in sound insulation that barely meets the requirements of the building regulations.

The award is a direct result of a good working relationship with developer/contractor, UK Pro-Build and the excellent outcome certainly couldn’t have been achieved without good onward communication within their team. In addition to the superb results that were achieved and demonstrated through pre-completion testing on-site, the project has also been recognised for the simple, but effective, mitigation measures that were specified. The sound insulation mitigation measures incorporated into the construction, that were finalised through the acoustic design process, were based around relatively inexpensive materials and attention to detail. Everyone involved in the commissioning, design and construction of this project was surprised and pleased with the end result which was achieved on a very modest budget that did not significantly impact the overall cost.

The testimonials below demonstrate that good quality, sustainable acoustic design can really make a difference to a building that is well over 100 years old and highlight the collaborative, joined-up thinking which is key to ensuring positive outcomes for every project. This has resulted in bringing the building up to a very high standard, and setting it on a sustainable path in good stead to last the next 100 years or more.

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End Client, Holly Rosser –

“The difference in sound coming through from next door is absolutely stunning compared to how it was before, especially when the stairs are in use next-door I can hardly hear them when previously it was like a herd of elephants going through the house; the basement though, I can’t hear anything through the floor so it is perfect for what I wanted out of the split.”

Principle Contractor/Project Manager, Charles OKell –

“Working with our Consultant was a genuinely good experience and has given the team a lot more confidence in the procedures for installing the products, as a company we do like a challenge and this project was a real challenge so we are delighted with the end result, it’s the first basement-to-separate-dwelling we’ve done and we’ve definitely set the bar high for any in the future!”

UK Pro Build Site Manager, John Trathen –

“Charles is quite particular on following professional guidance we’re given and the lads are used to paying attention, while we’ve done similar task before we’d not done anything as delicate as this when you factor all the elements of the build in, the guidance from the consultant was superb and the way all the professionals got together gave the whole team a lift, it’s a great result and the end users are really going to feel the benefits – or rather, they probably won’t realise that they’re benefiting which is job done in my book”

Architect, Tom Achtmanis –

“This was a very pleasing outcome and we are in fact working with UK Pro Build on another sub-division project in Staffordshire, we are very keen to work with the Acoustic Consultancy from this project in the future having been very impressed with their support throughout such a challenging job”

Safeguard Europe, Damian Wallis –

“Charles’s team came to us for basement conversion training and materials specification, we worked with them to make sure the water management and the sound treatment could be installed correctly without compromising each other’s function and we are delighted with the result”

Northwest Gates and Automation, Joe Miller –

“I have to say, I honestly didn’t think the products would work as well as they did, I collected them from the depot in Warrington near my Workshop and brought them to site, we started the job by hitting the steels with a hammer to hear the ringing and then applied all the products before ‘testing’ them with the hammer again, I was stunned at the result! The Consultant clearly knows his stuff”

Wiltshire Building Control, Jack Elias –

“Thanks for the sound test report, well done on such a good result - David and I would both support any industry award you maybe seeking in this regard.”

Federation of Master Builders New Home Warranty Provider Inspector Paul Dewey –

“Having grown up on the same street as the project property it was a real pleasure to be involved in the project and see such a wonderful result, the two homes that are now in place of one decaying house are fantastic and I’d gladly live in either!”

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Date Posted

08 Dec 2020

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