Quiet Drones 2022

Next week Andy and Seth will be attending the second INCE/Europe Quiet Drones e-Conference, hosted in Paris, but with contributions from all over the world. This is the second e-conference to be run by INCE/Europe, in association with the French noise association CiDB, on the subject of noise from remote-piloted aerial vehicles (drones). At the time of writing there are expected to be around 140 delegates who will be hearing from contributors in 8 formal sessions, 4 keynote talks, 2 panel discussions and two 'conversations' or open forums.It will interesting to see how things have moved on in the 1.5 years since the last e-conference and what progress has been made towards quantifying this noise 'at source' and at locations on the ground affected by its unique character.

Date Posted

22 Jun 2022

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