FGW Turbine Acoustic Emission Testing Round Robin

We are proud to have been asked to be part of a German based Round Robin peer reviewed assessment on carrying out data analysis according to IEC 61400-11:2012 (Edition 3).

This Round Robin was set up by Fördergesellschaft Windenergie (FGW, in English, the Federation of German Windpower) to provide a basis for approving the testing quality of German acoustic consultancies, and we were invited to participate as the only non-German based company, via our head of turbine testing Sylvia Broneske.

The initial round of analysis was submitted in August 2015 and following this feedback has been produced and discussions held on some ambiguities in the wording of the standard highlighted by some variation in results produced. As aim of having IEC standards to provide consistent testing methodology and quality, a consensus was reached on what should be the primary interpretation of the standard, where variations in interpretation led to differing results.

Following these discussions information has been fed back into the TC 88 committee responsible for maintaining the 61400-11 standard, and it is expected that an Edition 3.1 of the standard will be produced in 2017 to clarify these and some other points (although not changing the intention of the original authors).

This has been an interesting and valuable process and our turbine testing team hope to participate in this and other similar peer review processes in the future as part of our continuing commitment to providing quality assured services.

Date Posted

01 Nov 2016

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