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04 Jan 2017

Sellouts and Selfies: The Modern Face of the Music Industry

In the beginning, there were the Beatles. A blatant lie in a world where music has existed since humans first smacked…

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30 Nov 2016

The ‘N’ Factor: What Makes Sound Become Noise

A commonly quoted definition of noise is that it is simply unwanted sound. This seems to fit quite well since it is a…

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29 Nov 2016

Achilles Registered Supplier

We are now a fully registered supplier on the Achilles Utility Vendor Database.…

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01 Nov 2016

FGW Turbine Acoustic Emission Testing Round Robin

We are proud to have been asked to be part of a German based Round Robin peer reviewed assessment on carrying out data…

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21 Oct 2016

Acoustic Wind Turbine Emission Testing Methodology Summary - IEC/BS EN 61400-11:2012/2013

This is a short(ish) summary of what the acoustic wind turbine testing IEC/BS EN 61400-11:2012/2013 standard covers and…

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05 Oct 2016

WindEnergy 2016

As part of his newly acquired role of Head of Turbine Testing (following the sad departure of Sylvia Broneske after 9…

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04 Oct 2016

Welcome Charlie!

We are excited to welcome Charlie Everett to Hayes McKenzie! He joins us with experience freelancing as a studio manager…

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22 Sep 2016

Our Branding Story

They say change only occurs when you run out of options. I would like to think that we changed to make options. It’s…

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