Lancashire Shale Gas Exploration


The extraction of shale gas using hydraulic fracturing techniques, commonly known as 'fracking' requires a noise assessment to be carried out to determine whether noise levels which are generated, particularly during the drilling and fracturing stages, exceed noise limits specified…

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M6 Toll Road

West Midlands

A new road development, such as the M6 toll road, can cause a significant number of claims under the Land Compensation Act whereby compensation may be payable where the value of an interest in land is depreciated by…

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Solstice Soft Play


A new development in Amesbury included a block of flats with commercial units on the ground floor and a planning application was submitted for a change of use at one of the unoccupied units to allow it to be fitted…

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Den Brook Wind Farm

West Devon

Den Brook wind farm was originally consented in 2007 following a refusal of consent by West Devon Borough Council. This consent was, however, challenged in the courts by the local opposition group and was subsequently quashed requiring a second Public…

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Greaves vs Boston Borough Council

Boston, Lincolnshire / High Court, London

In September 2012, planning permission was given by Boston Borough Council for the installation of a single micro-scale wind turbine with dimensions of 15 metres to the hub and a rotor diameter of 5.5 metres leading to a maximum…

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Gatwick Airport 2nd Runway

London Gatwick Airport

Operational noise from airports is considered either as air noise (aircraft taking off, in flight or landing) or ground noise (anything which does not come under the heading of air noise). Ground noise includes taxiing to and from either end…

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