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With more than 30 years of experience in our expert field, we have undertaken work in a wide range of sectors including planning for noise creating developments, noise sensitive developments, transportation and internal sound environments. Furthermore, we have also been responsible for, or contributed to, a number of government research projects on noise and noise planning documents in the UK and the Irish Republic.

We are proud of our long-established reputation and ability to deliver credible, evidence-based work that stands up to the highest level of scrutiny, and are confident when bringing innovative and creative solutions to challenging and unconventional projects.

The industry in which we work can be filled with complicated terminology and abstract scientific concepts. It is never expected that clients or the general public will be familiar with these, and so our results are always presented in a clear and direct manner which is both authoritative and approachable.

No matter how successful we have become, we have always remained a people business; one that understands the value of building relationships. Over 30 years on, those principles hold steadfast and they define everything we are today.

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