Case Study

Damira Dental Studios

Project Type

Planning Application


Andover, North Hampshire


Any planning application which has the potential to create a noise impact usually requires a noise impact assessment to be carried out and submitted along with, or as part of, the planning application. In this case, Damira Dental Studios wanted to set up a new practice in an existing building at Monros Corner, Andover. The local planning authority, Test Valley Borough Council required a noise assessment to be carried out due to the inclusion of air-conditioning equipment at the proposed new premises.


Damira contacted Hayes McKenzie in November 2017 to ask if we could assist with this project. Having looked through the proposal, including noise data for the proposed air-conditioning equipment, we advised the client that a full BS4242 type noise assessment would not be required due to a combination of the low noise output from the proposed equipment, the distance to the nearest residential properties, the shielding by other buildings, and the likely background noise from a nearby roads. Instead we suggested a simple letter, including the results of indicative noise predictions, would be sufficient to demonstrate that noise would not be an issue at nearby properties. This was duly supplied to the client 3 working days from being asked to proceed. Test Valley Borough Council responded at the start of February 2018 with an objection on the grounds of a lack of information. Following our response to this we were informed on 15 th February that there had been a misunderstanding by Test Valley and confirming there were now no objections to the proposal on noise grounds.

The Outcome

Planning consent for the new Dental Practice, including the air-conditioning units, was granted in March 2018.

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