Taking the (Frozen) Biscuit

We’re big fans of a mid-afternoon frozen biscuit in the Salisbury office, and our usual is the frozen chocolate digestive. We are yet to find a biscuit that doesn’t improve having been reduced to a sub-zero temperature. It appears that freezing the biscuit also aids in keeping it fresh and staving off staleness when there are no air-tight containers available. When the Salisbury office operated out of Andy’s home the chocolate digestives were always kept in the freezer, and it’s a tradition that stayed with us at Dean Hill Park, and continues at our offices in Whaddon.

What other biscuits have we frozen? Top of the list has to be the chocolate covered hobnob, and a personal favourite is the caramel digestive which renders the usually gooey caramel into dime-bar style brittleness melting to traditional goo when up to temperature in the mouth. The added benefit being the lack of caramely dribble down the side of the face. For some reason we ended up with several packs of plain digestive (not sure of the point of these without a piece of stilton), and even these were perked up through freezing. Even the humble ginger nob is elevated up the tastiness scales post freeze.

Most recently we have deviated from biscuit and have enjoyed frozen shortbread, although opinion is divided as to its success. Following our deviation from biscuits, we tried out jaffa cakes and have to say the results surprised us – well worth a go. We’ve not yet progressed onto freezing proper cakes, but you never know, we might at some point.

Next time you need somewhere to store your biscuits, or just if you’re a bit curious, go on, stick your biscuits in the freezer. You will not be disappointed.

By Rob Shepherd

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Date Posted

28 Feb 2017

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